Team Fabulosity

a very good day
ALL dearly blog readers,


Today I would like to SHARE with you who are the backbones in our team.
They are:
My Mentor: Ladies, Smart, Dedicated, Visionaries, Beautiful, Humble
They are all Millionaire in the making
CDM Salha Zain
CDM Salha Zain and ME


DDM Izyan Liyana
CDM Salha Zain with DDM Izyan Liyana
DDM Ismalina Ishak
DDM Noor Hazawani Che Halin
DSM Dangmerduwangi Sainy
SSM Munirah Mohd Ali
Sweet, Munie a.k.a my schoolmate in SSP
SM Nur Arifah Radhiah Abdul Aziz 
Ibu Maryam a.k.a Norice’s wifey
With a strong and very progressive group

Picture credit to Samsultaher Kaseh

CDM Salha birthday Celebration in pink, GLAM 2/11/2012


Change Your Life NOW or NEVER ~
by CDM Salha Zain

Lets be part of our team today, please contact me:

Arifah | | +6019-664 7258


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