Change of WARDROBE cost me higher than buying a Premium Beautiful corset


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone.
I start searching the Premium Beautiful (PB) corset since early this year as I am so worry of my flabby stomach. argghhh. The effect of not wearing bengkung during confinement. hahaha. A result of neglected my mommy’s suggestion to use bengkung. During confinement, I used to be 24hours with netbook – facebook/blog/article/journal. Why?? As for me, it was my precious time that I need to use to search deeply and understand more on breastfeeding and I get satisfied outcome – 19 months until now I survive to fully breastfeed Maryam with the strongest and nevertheless support from papa Norice, Mommy, ayah and siblings.
The reason why i didn’t wear traditional bengkung during confinement? Sebab the bengkung sangat amatlah leceh nak g toilet. I had to consume lots of plain water or watery substance as I need to fully breastfeed my Maryam. Mane sempat beb nak bukak2 those tali ikat panjang tu. Lagipun i borrowed from my aunty which is so not my size. 2 set/ pieces which was not my size ok, but unlike PB, it measured your own body size. Gaye2 Anna and The King gtu, remember how she wore corset time nak pkai gown macam dalam satu scene tula. 
I get to know PB since year 2009, when I stayed at Janda Baik, working with Elektrisola (M) Sdn. Bhd. Both of my cunsss kakak2 housemate tu memang pakai PB. My Kak Ninie and Kak Hana. Yela I have to admit, at that time is single a.k.a bachelor mane ambil kesah all this thing body pon rase bole la satisfy me kire.

2009, I moved to Temerloh join Hospital Temerloh, my first posting in government sector. Staying with my housemate also pkai PB. CikSu is my ex-hsemate ni memang body die cun melecun & kelas la. She’s very istiqamah jage appearance. She can be classified as beauty consultant to us, silently promote me that every lady MUST/SHOULD internal and external appearance. 

Kak Su and her teammate Kak Fiza


Year 2007
At Sunway Pyramid,  with my younger sister Mariah, before she fly to Japan for her degree and master.Year 2008
As a MC for Malam Mutiara Gemilang, Kolej Keenam, UPM, mmg07/08

Year 2009

First time to Cameron of Borneo. Jatuh hati dengan tempatnya.

Year 2010

With my BFF, wedding Outdoor session at Pantai Batu BurukJun 2010

Post delivery and post confinement Year 2012

Februari 2012, Genting View Resort Meeting on Pelupusan Jadual Rekod Perubatan with  Arkib Negara Malaysia

AFTER Wearing Premium Beautiful

From LEFT: CDM Salha Zain, ME, DSM DangMerduWangi Sainy

It is actually for your own satisfaction. To those who already married, its for your husband and for the family, bila cantik mesti sihat kan. Kenapa kita perempuan mesti sihat? Its for our family right!.
Start searching and waiting for PB from a dealer lame sangat tak bole nak tunggu beb, teringatla my schoolmate SSP, Munirah, she had posted bout PB at Glace facebook group. Senang je deal, Munie dapatkan measurement and size then she couriered the set to me. I received it on Wednesday next week and she called me to brief on how to wear the set etc and later she came to my house otw from Kerteh. She sort of terror jugakla I classified didn’t sesat2 jumpe my house at Kuala Terengganu, magic. It just happened in bulan puasa this year, July 2012.
Satisfied wearing PB, I convert to be her business partner. Later I would to share with you why and how I convert from buyer to Munie’s business partner. 
Why I am searching for PB?
1. Need to reduce my inch of waist! especially at stomach.
2. Need to improve milk production. I had read bout lots of testimonials of PB helps increase milk production. Its proven for me.
3. I need to find a solution for my back pain. Why? I fully breastfeed Maryam without campur even formula milk. My favorite BF position is duduk. Can you imagine how? Until now – she’s 19months.
4. Need to rearrange ukur lilit peha ok.
Outcome after 4 months:
1. Waist reduce in inch 30 – 27 and waiting to fit to my 26 jeans – checked
2. Milk production increase but lately down because of hectic outstation with skip pumping schedule sampai rase nak pengsan & nekad nak cuti tanpa gaji sedia susu untuk Maryam. ade ke orang cuti tanpa gaji seminggu ja? hahaha.
3. My weight maintain beb, sebab BF kan, lagipun makan memang tak ingat sokmo laporrrrrrrrrrr…..
I just pakai konsep:
Change of wardrobe cost me higher than buying set of Premium Beautiful.
So, everyone do not doubt anymore, Premium Beautiful had helped millionssssssss of ladies and man outside.
Why not you? You can always contact me for consultation of business sharing
Arifah | +6019-6647258 |
I am sure to guide you how PB would benefit us!

Assalamu’alaikum Wbt, – Soul Reflection – ✨Fokus pada setiap target, kaburkn halangan, dan bayangkn kejayaan didepan mata. Success comes down to our attitude, effort and focus. But do not be the slave of success. We should not only dream to become a person of success, but dream to become a person of value… ✨

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